Industry Insights for Public Policy during Covid-19

Thank you for visiting our Text Analytics Page where you can explore different interactive visualizations and analysis we created from analyzing 14,000 survey responses from Iowa businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic Please reach out to Dan Bumblauskas for more info, or drop us a message on linkedin.

Presented by Dan Bumblauskas, Amy Igou, Salil Kalghatgi, Cole Wetzel in conjunction with the Iowa Economic Development Authority & University of Northern Iowa

How it Started

In conjunction with the Iowa Economic Development Association (IEDA),business cash relief and other programs are established to support their operations. An online Qualtrics survey was deployed and completed in March, 2020 illustrated the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, the impact on business operations, the businesses’ response to COVID-19, and industry-specific questions. The results aimed to empirically guide policymakers determine in to distributing public funds and provide resources for COVID-19 relief to help Iowa businesses remain operational until the pandemic subsides.

LDA Topic Modeling

Above is a topic detection visualization using sLDA and collocations created with the LDAvis package. The visualization contains a bubble chart representing the differences in topics as well as how much of the dataset is represented by each topic. On the right side, there is a bar chart with word frequencies for each topic as well as a slider used to adjust the relevancy of the words within a specific topic. More information on the visualization can be found in Sievert and Shirley.

Click to explore a network map using bi-grams with a frequency greater than X