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People driven analytics

I advocate an analytics journey that is people oriented. In-depth interviews with key stakeholders and subject matter experts allow us to instill a cultural change towards analytics based decision making.

Browse the recent project portfolio below, including peer-review research used by public and private agencies.

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Salil Kalghatgi

Covid Survey Text Analysis

Text data represents a large portion of collected data, and can be difficult to leverage into insights. We built a process to empirically analyze text responses using open source software and a custom data engineering process.The State of Iowa conducted multiple...

Iowa Farms Dashboard

A Tableau dashboard built in 24hrs for an interview. The project features the Tableau ‘Story’ format to provide a presentation style dashboard. The analysis suggests wind energy as a viable diversification of Iowa’s economy.

Published: Oct 19, 2015
Updated: Feb 21, 2018

5S in the Irish Court Services

This paper exposes two 5S style experiments that introduced Lean Six Sigma (LSS) techniques to the Irish Court Services Dublin Circuit Court. Manufacturing concepts were adapted to the service industry, including a new definition of ‘informational workpiece’, to...

Corporate Training at Target Distribution

We delivered analytics training to more than 50 warehouse managers through three training deliverables. I created customized curriculums and trainings by using department data. A relevant data set allows trainees to experience real obstacles and approriate solutions....